Best Practices on Clusters Spring Series 2024

The Norwegian Research Infrastructure Services (NRIS) is offering a best practices course for users of national infrastructure services.

The workshop is organised as a series of monthly events starts on 8th February and ends on 23 May. During these monthly training, each topic will focus on different aspects related to the everyday usage of HPC/Storage facilities in order to facilitate a valuable and productive framework to develop your research. See the schedule part for detailed information on the topics.

The course is open to all and free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

Targeted Audience: The course is aimed at students, researchers and employees who want to upskill their knowledge of the usage of HPC fnd storage facilities. This is a follow-up course to the NRIS HPC on-boarding course (although it is not a prerequisite, but we expect the participants to have basic HPC knowledge).

Practical Information

  • This is an online course via zoom. Participants require access to a computer (not provided by the course organisers) with internet connectivity.


It is not mandatory to have account on national HPCs to attend the course. Participants can follow the lectures and demos without having an account on national resources since the course content is applicable to all HPCs. If you are an existing user, kindly provide your username while registering. If you wish to set up user account, you can apply for one. The application page is available here and and documentation for the application procedure is available here. You are applying for an HPC account. For the project, please select NN9970K: Training and Outreach, choose Saga and Fram under Resources, set the account start date as the date of apply and the account end date to 2024-05-30.

You can always contact us by sending an email to

If you want to receive further information about training events, and other announcements about IT resources and services for researchers, there are a couple of information channels you can subscribe to:


The course is free of charge and is organised by the NRIS partners UiB, UiO, UiT, NTNU & Sigma2. Registration is closed


All times are Local time in Oslo, Norway.

Day1 - Thursday 8th February 2024


Video Recordings and Q&A from Day 1:

Day2 - Thursday 7th March 2024


Video Recordings and Q&A from Day 2:

Day3 - Thursday 23rd May 2024

Code of Conduct

All participants in our course are expected to show respect and courtesy to others. We follow carpentry code of conduct. If you believe someone is violating the Code of Conduct, we ask that you report it to the training team.


  • Radovan Bast

  • Dan Jonsson

  • Sabry Razick

  • Dhanya Pushpadas


  • Dhanya Pushpadas