Support line

All support requests concerning the e-infrastructure resources should be sent to

Behind this address is an issue tracker (ticket system) and you will get an automatic reply first and can expect response from our staff within hours during normal work-hours, or at the latest the following working day (except holidays).

When replying to email from the support line please keep the ticket number in the subject line.

However, for a new problem, do not reply to emails with unrelated subjects (and ticket numbers) as this can be confusing for us.

Give enough information

We get many requests for help which are too vague to give a useful response. So, when sending us a question, always answer these questions and you’ll get the fastest useful response:

  • Has it ever worked? (If so, what has changed?)

  • What are you trying to accomplish? (Your ultimate goal, not current technical obstacle.)

  • What did you do? (Be specific enough to be reproducible - copy and paste exact commands you run, scripts, inputs, output messages, etc.)

If you don’t know something, it’s OK, just do your best and we’ll help from there! You can also chat with us to brainstorm about issues in general.

This summary is copied and adapted from the Aalto Science-IT help pages.

Please also look at the page for a more detailed guide on how to write good support requests on how to report problems in the most effective way for getting help quickly.

Display active and resolved tickets

To see details about your open and resolved support requests you can login to the self-service page. There you can select a ticket to see its current status, subqueue as well as the whole conversation. Please note that only ticket are displayed which are sent from the same email address as the one connected to your Feide account, you use to log in.