Backup on Betzy, Fram, Saga, and NIRD

Backup of home folders on compute clusters

Betzy, Fram and Saga: Home folder is backed up to NIRD storage, and can be accessed via following mount point on corresponding clusters login nodes:

  • /cluster/backup/home/$username

Backup of project folders on compute clusters

Directories under /cluster/projects are backed up. All other areas are not backed up.

In addition to not being backed up, the work area /cluster/work also enforces an automatic cleanup strategy, and is not meant for permanent storage. Files in this area will be deleted after 42 or 21 days, depending on the storage capacity, see User work area for details.

Betzy,Fram and Saga: The project areas are backed up to NIRD storage which can be accessed via following mount point on all clusters login nodes:

  • /cluster/backup/hpc/betzy/nnXXXXk

  • /cluster/backup/hpc/fram/nnXXXXk

  • /cluster/backup/hpc/saga/nnXXXXk

Backup on NIRD

Protection against data corruption on NIRD is implemented by taking nightly snapshots. Even so, it is the responsibility of the PI/XO to regulate the usage and take steps to ensure that the data are adequately secured against human errors or inappropriate usage/access.

The allocated storage quota on NIRD is meant for primary storage. Backup to a secondary location is a service on demand and can be ordered for selected datasets.

Snapshots and backup service on NIRD are described in details on the dedicated pages linked below.