Backup on Betzy, Fram, Saga, and NIRD


Only home directories with enforced quotas are backed up

Any $HOME area using more then 20 GiB or more than 100000 files is not backed up. To have your $HOME backed up, you need to shrink the disk usage below the 20 GiB limit and below 100000 files and notify support.

If “dusage” repots 0 Bytes limits, this means that you do not have disk quotas activated and this means that these folders are not backed up.



Backup on Betzy will be switched on only after the pilot period is finished.

Betzy, Fram and Saga

Home directories on Betzy, Fram and Saga (/cluster/home/$USER) are backed up nightly to user’s home directory on NIRD (/nird/home/$USER/backup/fram or /nird/home/$USER/backup/saga).

$HOME/nobackup and $HOME/tmp directories are excluded from the backup.

The nnXXXXk project directories (/cluster/projects/nnXXXXk) are backed up nightly to NIRD.

The shared areas in /cluster/shared are not backed up to NIRD.

The scratch areas in /cluster/work/jobs and /cluster/work/users do not have any backup.


Both home directories (/nird/home/$USER) and project areas (/nird/projects/NSxxxxK) have backup in the form of snapshots and geo-replication.

Snapshots are taken with the following frequencies:

  • /nird/home/$HOME:

    • daily snapshots for the last 7 days

    • weekly snapshots for the last 6 weeks

    • this also includes snapshots of the Betzy, Fram and Saga home directory backup

  • /nird/projects/NSxxxxK:

    • daily snapshots for the last 7 days

    • weekly snapshots for the last 6 weeks

Snapshots are available at the following places:

  • /nird/home/u1/.snapshots

  • /nird/projects/NSxxxxK/.snapshots

How to recover deleted/overwritten data

To recover a deleted or overwritten file /nird/projects/NSxxxxK/dataset1/myfile, you can copy a snapshot back to the folder and restore the deleted/overwritten file:

$ cp /nird/projects/NSxxxxK/.snapshots/DATE/dataset1/myfile /nird/projects/NSxxxxK/dataset1/

Select the DATE accordingly to your case.

Similarly, a deleted/overwritten file in the home directory can be recovered like this:

$ cp /nird/home/u1/.snapshots/DATE/$USER/mydir/myfile /nird/home/$USER/mydir/

Note that snapshots are taken every night only. This means that deleted files which did not exist yet yesterday cannot be recovered from snapshots.