Open Question & Answer Sessions for All Users

Learn new tricks and ask & discuss questions

Meet the HPC staff, discuss problems and project ideas, give feedback or suggestions on how to improve services, and get advice for your projects.

Join us on Zoom, get yourself a coffee or tea and have a chat. It doesn’t matter from which institute or university you are, you are welcome to join at any time.

This time we will start with a 15 min seminar about tools and databases for bioinformatics. Afterwards we have the open question and answer session where you can ask all question not just about bioinformatics tools.

We can talk about:

  • Questions regarding compute resources, data storage and management.

  • Help with programming and software management.

  • Help with parallelization, improving performance and/or scaling etc.

  • Help with project organization and data management.

  • Anything else.

If you think you might have a challenging question or topics for us, you can also send them to us before, so we can come prepared and help you better. If you have general or specific questions about the event, please write to

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