Licenses and access policies

Here we only address licenses with a certain access limitation and do not discuss open source software. We will only discuss academic access to licensed software. Commercial access to licensed software is outside the scope of this document.

There are 4 different levels of access limitations for licensed software at NRIS:

  • License access limited on group level.

  • License access limited on institutional level. Either for all users from an institution (site) or for a limited subgroup of users from this institution (faculty/department/research-center/research-project).

  • License access limited on computing center level. This means that all users have access to software on all machines administrated by this computing center.

    • A subset of this type is license access limited on machine level.

  • License access limited on national agreement level. We currently have a couple of software packages with a multilateral agreement between the participants in the BOTT (Bergen-Oslo-Trondheim-Tromsø) collaboration and some software vendors. All users from all these four institutions will have access. We also have a couple of national agreements, which implies that all national users or all users with a certain access domestically will be allowed access.

Users are responsible for having the correct credentials and agreements in terms of license access. For all software with access limitations on group- and research-project level the credentials may have to be provided to NRIS before being granted access to software installed on NRIS controlled machines.