Login nodes:

  • All login nodes have direct outbound and opened access to whole internet and all protocols via nodes’ public IP and appropriate gateway

  • The dual stack is available on these nodes (meaning both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivities are available independently)

Compute nodes:

  • Compute nodes have full opened access to license servers needed by various software

    • if a user can’t contact a license server, from compute node they could try to run nmap -p 1234 mylicenseserver.com where “1234” is the port mylicenseserver.com should listen on

    • if output of the command above yields anything else than open state, there are 2 potential problems:

The license server is not configured properly:

Please ensure it’s listening on the right port and it’s opened for incoming connection from the following ip ranges:

SAGA	    2001:700:4a01:10::/64 	2001:700:4a01:21::/64
FRAM	2001:700:4a00:10::/64
BETZY	2001:700:4a01:25::/64		2001:700:4a01:23::/64

If this is in place and user still can’t contact the license server from a compute node, please contact support@nris.no and we will add the license server on our side.

You may need to use a proxy

Compute nodes have limited access whole internet, it means a uses is allowed to reach http and https services via a proxy server. Users can check the proxy server setup by running env | grep -i proxy which should spit out the name of proxy server