Extended support

NRIS provides resources, such as computers, networks, storage systems and a software stack that is adapted to the current research being performed in Norway. This provides the community with a valuable resource.

However, what we believe is even more valuable is the fact that you as a user have easy access to a broad selection of competences that can be utilized to improve the quality, reproducibility and efficiency of your current flow of work. Our staff are at the forefront of digital competence and can assist you in reaching post state-of-the-art and address that competitive edge you want to reach or keep. We also possess domain competence in key fields and can not only provide digital competence, but also adapt this to the challenge you are having. Together we can thus ensure that this is addressed in the most relevant, efficient and result oriented way.

Even though our digital competence is at the forefront, that does not mean we only provide assistance and appreciate complex state-of-the-art challenges. On the contrary, we would really like to help you and your activity, regardless where you are coming from. In fact, sometimes nothing feels better than seeing you and your flow or work evolve after getting a little help in the start.

Whether that challenge is small, large, complex or trivial does not matter, please reach out and we will find a common ground for collaboration. Using that as an entry point we can figure out together how, who and what kind of competences we should involve to address the challenge. And for the most part this is free of charge.

A few examples of what we can offer you:

  • Figure out what kind of competence you and your team might be lacking and put you in contact with sources of such competences and/or provide training and competence transfer.

  • Introduce you and your team to modern practices with respect to code development, maintenance and support.

  • Improving the digital and/or scientific quality of your code base.

  • Contribute to porting your code base to be ready for high-performance compute facilities.

  • Contribute to porting your code base to be ready for utilization of GPU resources.

  • Optimizing your code to run more efficient on high-performance compute facilities, including the utilization of GPUs, or the combinations of CPUs and GPUs.

  • Assist in developing and facilitating for more automation, reproducibility and high-throughput possibilities in your flow of work. For instance developing workflows that ensures data provenance.

  • Competence and insight that sits close to the domain topic of interest. Sometimes it is not enough to have deep digital competence to address a challenge, but one also needs overview of the role and character of this challenge for your flow of work. Typically, optimizing a specific solver might incur unwanted effects on other parts of the program which is hard to understand unless you also understand what the solvers are actually doing.

If you are interested in reading more about our specific stimuli frameworks please take a look at Extended User Support (EUS), Advanced User Support (AUS), GPU Support, National Competence Center (NCC)). But we encourage you to contact us first to spare you the acronyms and letting us do the work of coordinating how to facilitate further progress on your challenge.