National Competence Center

The National Competence Center (NCC) raises awareness and provides Norwegian industry with the expertise necessary to take advantage of the innovation possibilities created by HPC (High-Performance Computing) and associated technologies. This includes HPDA (High-Performance Data Analytics), ML (Machine learning) and AI (Artificial intelligence) and auxiliary technologies necessary to realize successful utilization of those. The NCC thus strive to increasing the competitiveness of entities in the industry. NORCE, SINTEF and Sigma2 are partners in the NCC and it is supported by the EU and Norwegian Research Council. The NCC is a resource for the industry and public sector where competence is available, not only in the digital domain, but also, importantly in the intersection between the respective domains. As such, the NCC can be used by the industry or public sector to realize a faster and more efficient digital shift, in addition to being a hub for on-demand competence and resource access for entities not willing to take on this investment on their own. The NCC can also be utilized if entities want to establish digital competence and/or facilities to provide compute or storage resources on their own, and need advice or consulting to realize it.