Named after Mary Ann Elizabeth (Betzy) Stephansen, the first Norwegian women to be awarded a doctorate degree.

The most powerful supercomputer in Norway

Betzy is a BullSequana XH2000, provided by Atos, and will give Norwegian researchers more than 5 times more capacity than previously, with a theoretical peak performance of 6.2 PetaFlops. The supercomputer, which will be placed at NTNU in Trondheim, will be available to users during the second half of 2020.

Details Betzy
System BullSequana XH2000
Max Floating point performance, double 6.2 Petaflops
Number of compute nodes 1344
CPU type AMD® Epyc™ 7742 2.25GHz
CPU cores in total 172032
CPU cores per node 128
Memory in total 336 TiB
Memory per node 256 GiB
Operating System Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Total disc capacity 2.5 PB
Interconnect InfiniBand HDR 100, Dragonfly+ topology
Top500 June 2020 56th place \@ 1250 nodes, 76% efficiency

Almost all components are liquid cooled resulting in a very high cooling efficiency, 95% of heat being captured to water.

Pilot projects

For pilot project please check out the short getting started guide here.

No network access on compute nodes

According to our security policy, compute nodes shall not have direct access to the public internet. This means that commands like git clone or conda install or pip install, updating Git submodules, fetching data from web sources, etc., will not work on compute nodes.

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