A package represents a configuration of an application. For instance, installing the Jupyter package will create a Jupyter notebook (i.e. the application) that you can access through the web browser. You may sometimes see packages referred to as a chart. A package is an extension of a chart.

Several different packages are available. There are for instance packages for creating an Apache Spark cluster, setting up a GPU enabled deep-learning environment, and creating a personal cloud storage server.


An application represents a specific installation of a package. That is, it encapsulates the configuration specified by the user when installing the application.


Each application belongs to a single projectspace. A projectspace is essentially a way of grouping applications together. Every projectspace is allocated a given amount of resources (that is, RAM, CPUs and GPUs) and volumes.

Note: if you are familiar with Kubernetes namespaces, then it is worth noting that a projectspace is just a different name for a namespace.