What is the NIRD Toolkit ?

Say you want to install an application and make it accessible to the outside world. To do this, you most likely need to have some knowledge of the computer (such as the OS, hardware specs, network rules etc.) you will be installing it on, as well as some application specific knowledge.

Often, the installation process is error-prone and takes a lot of time. The NIRD Toolkit attempts to automate this by providing a set of pre-configured application templates (in the NIRD Toolkit world this is known as a package), making it possible to install an application instantly without much configuration.

Each application created through the NIRD Toolkit provides a user accessible web interface, as well as the ability to limit access using services similar to Dataporten.

The NIRD Toolkit is a Kubernetes based cloud infrastructure, just alike Google, Azure or Amazon kubernetes Clouds. The software runs into containers to ensure high portability of the tools and reproducibility of the results. It is highly customizable, meaning you can have the tools you want with the version you want.

The NIRD toolkit allows pre/post processing analysis, data intensive processing, visualization, artificial intelligence and machine learning platform.

To install your first package, go to the Installing a package section.

Getting Access

If you already have access to Sigma2 resources and a project allocation, you can use the NIRD Toolkit. Please see the Get ready to deploy a service through the NIRD Toolkit.

If your research team has access to Sigma2 resources, but you do not have a user-account, please visit: https://www.sigma2.no/how-apply-user-account

If you do not yet have access to Sigma2 resources, please visit these pages in order to apply for access: https://www.sigma2.no/apply-e-infrastructure-resources.