Enabling persistent storage

By default, all applications store their data locally. This means that if an application is stopped or restarted, all local data is lost. Most packages do however how support for enabling persistent storage. You can enable persistent storage when installing (or reconfiguring) by using the Persistent storage field to select the volume your application should be using. After selecting the volume, you will be able to specify whether the volume should be mounted read-only, and which part of the volume to mount.

Persistent storage

By default, the entire volume is attached (i.e. / is attached). by specifying a subpath, a subpath of the volume can be mounted. for instance, if you have the following file system:


and only want to mount the /data/ folder, you can specify /data/ as the subpath in order to just mount this folder.

Each volume is associated with a projectspace, so if there are no mountable volumes, contact NIRD Toolkit .