Schrödinger is a scientific leader in computational chemistry, providing software solutions and services for life sciences and materials research.

The Schrödinger suite is available on SAGA and FRAM:

Follow these steps to use the Schrodinger software package on SAGA:

  1. Preparing the schrodinger.hosts file

  2. Using the Schrodinger suite

  3. Schrodinger job control facility

  4. Tuning Schrodinger jobs

NOTE: Before running any jobs, you need to make a copy of the schrodinger.hosts file as described here.

NOTE 2: Schrodinger uses its own wrapper on top of the SLURM queuing system. Please take the time to ensure that you understand how this works: Schrodinger job control facility.

License and access

The Schrödinger suite is currently available on SAGA and the license is paid by the users.


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