The Norwegian Environment for Scientific Software Installation


The European Environment for Scientific Software Installation

NESSI and EESSI are innovative services to make optimized scientific software installations available on any machine anywhere in the world in near real-time - without the need to build or install the software. They work similarly to popular streaming services for videos and music.

For the impatient, the single command to get access to NESSI (on NRIS operated systems) is just

module load NESSI/2023.06

and for EESSI it is similarly

module load EESSI/2023.06

Thereafter, software can be used via environment modules, for example,

module load GROMACS/2023.1-foss-2022a

just like it would be used with a traditionally provided installation.


When loading the NESSI/EESSI modules and using software provided by NESSI/EESSI for the first time, one may experience a delay because data might need be downloaded from a remote server. NESSI and EESSI use CernVM-FS as distribution technology. CernVM-FS employs caching at various levels to provide good startup performance (shown to be equal or better than when software is hosted on a local parallel filesystem, see Performance aspects of CernVM-FS).

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Getting support for NESSI and EESSI

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