The Norwegian Academic HPC Services


The current Norwegian academic HPC infrastructure is maintained by an organization called the Metacenter, which is a joint collaboration between the four oldest Universities in Norway (UiO, UiB, NTNU and UiT) and Sigma2.

Acknowledging use of national HPC infrastructure

Projects are required to acknowledge the use of the national e-infrastructure resources in their scientific publications. Papers, presentations and other publications that feature work that relied on Sigma2 should include such an acknowledgement.

UNINETT Sigma2 has defined the following template for such acknowledgements:

The computations/simulations/[SIMILAR] were performed on resources provided by
UNINETT Sigma2 - the National Infrastructure for High Performance Computing and
Data Storage in Norway

For the beginner

If you are new here, you might want to learn the basics first here:


Getting help and access

Current status and announcements

For advanced users



Storage and file management

Fram and Saga use the NIRD storage system for storing archives for other research data. NOTUR projects have access to this geo-replicated storage through various methods.

Code development

About UNINETT Sigma2

UNINETT Sigma2 AS manages the national infrastructure for computational science in Norway, and offers services in high performance computing and data storage. Visit for more information.

Latest news and announcements from Metacenter are posted at Metacenter OpsLog and the @MetacenterOps Twitter channel.

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