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Norwegian Research Infrastructure Services

The Norwegian research infrastructure services (NRIS) is a collaboration between Sigma2 and the universities of Bergen (UiB), Oslo (UiO), Tromsø (UiT The Arctic University of Norway) and NTNU, to provide national supercomputing and data storage services. These services are operated by NRIS and coordinated and managed by Sigma2.

NRIS provides valuable resources for the research communities: state of the art compute and storage facilities, backed by support and a guarantee that your data always stays in Norway. Possibly more important is easy access to a wide selection of competences that can assist, realize or take your project to the next level. Read more …

Compute resources: Overview | Saga | Fram | Betzy | LUMI

Storage resources: NIRD | Research Data Archive (NIRD RDA)

Tools and other services: NIRD Toolkit | EasyDMP | Course resources

Getting started

New to high-performance computing? Click here to learn how to setup an account and run your first calculations.

Getting started
Getting help

Need help using our compute or storage facilities? Check out our support pages.

Getting help

Check out our information on training events so that you get more done in less time.

Training events
Files, storage, and quota

For more information on our storage areas and to learn more about quota.

Storage areas on HPC clusters
Job types and scripts

Here you can find example job scripts and guides on how to run efficiently.

Running jobs
Code development and tutorials

Are you a developer of scientific software or running your own code on our systems? Find useful resources here.


Projects are required to acknowledge the use of the national e-infrastructure resources in their scientific publications. Papers, presentations and other publications that feature work that relied on resources provided by Sigma2 should include an acknowledgement following this template.