Setting a more secure password

In order to set up a more secure password and username, go to the Configuration section, and enter a more random secretKey and accessKey. Keep in mind that these will be stored in plain-text and be accessible in the application Configuration tab, so don’t reuse these anywhere. The accessKey and secretKey you entered can then be used when login into minio.


Uploading files

Begin by creating a new bucket by clicking on the circle with a plus sign in the right-hand corner, and selecting Create bucket.

Minio file overview

You will then be prompted for a bucket name.

Minio add bucket

After giving the bucket a name and pressing enter, you will be able to access the bucket by selecting it in sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Minio selected bucket

To upload a file, click the circle again, and select Upload file. You should then be able to select which file(s) to upload. To upload multiple files, hold shift while selecting files.

Minio file upload success

Sharing files

To share a file with a friend (or enemy), click the three dots furthest to the right of the filename. You will then be given a link which can be used to share the file.

Minio file sharing