What can the desktop-vnc package be used for?

The purpose of the desktop-vnc package is to provide a lightweight linux desktop environment
for performing interactive tasks involving graphical applications and to speed-up their display on local desktop machines.
Note: 3D hardware acceleration is not supported. So it is not suitable for use with heavy 3D rendering application.

How to add new packages

In case you are missing some packages from the default application image, you can add those packages yourself by creating a custom docker image. See this tutorial for generic instructions on how to add packages.

After having read the tutorial above, you can use the dockerfile below as a starting point when creating the dockerfile that adds new packages.

# See the value of dockerImage in
# to determine the latest base image

FROM<use latest tag here>

# Install system packages
USER root
RUN apt update && apt install -y some_package
USER vncuser