Storage areas, quota, and backup

Home directories

Each user has a home directory /nird/home/<username>, where <username> is the username. The default quota for home directories is 60 GiB and 300 000 files. To check the disk usage and quotas, type:

$ dusage

Scratch directories

The total storage space of /scratch is 30 TiB. Each user has a scratch directory /nird/scratch/<username>. The area is meant as a temporary scratch area. This area is not backed up. There is no quota in the scratch area.

The /scratch/ area enforces an automatic cleanup strategy, files in this area will be deleted after 21 days. If file system usage reaches 75%, files in /scratch/ will be deleted even before 21 days.

Project area

Each NIRD project gets a project area either on NIRD Data Peak (TS) /nird/datapeak/NSxxxxK or on NIRD Data Lake (DL) /nird/datalake/NSxxxxK based on the project allocation, where NSxxxxK is the ID of the project.

The project area has a quota on disk space and the number of files.

Quotas are allocated by the Resource Allocation Committee (RFK) on the NIRD resources for project storage, that is, on TS (/nird/datapeak) and DL (/nird/datalake). The two resources have separate quota based on the project allocation.

You can see the quota and the current usage by running:

$ dusage -p NSxxxxK


Notice, that quotas are shown in TiB (tebibyte), and not TB (terabyte).