Storage areas, quota, and backup

Home directories

Each user has a home directory /nird/home/<username>, where <username> is the username. The default quota for home directories is 60 GiB and 300 000 files. To check the disk usage and quotas, type:

$ dusage

Home directories on NIRD also contain a backup of Betzy, Fram and Saga home directories (when relevant) in /nird/home/<username>/backup/fram , /nird/home/<username>/backup/saga and /nird/home/<username>/backup/betzy. The default quota is including the backup of HPC home directory.


Please note that back up from HPC home directories to the new NIRD home is not yet enabled. This is expected to be activated close to the production phase.

Scratch directories

The total storage space of /scratch is 30 TiB. Each user has a scratch directory /nird/scratch/<username>. The area is meant as a temporary scratch area. This area is not backed up. There is no quota in the scratch area.

The /scratch/ area enforces an automatic cleanup strategy, files in this area will be deleted after 21 days. If file system usage reaches 75%, files in /scratch/ will be deleted even before 21 days.

Project area

Each NIRD Data Storage project gets a project area either on NIRD TS /nird/projects/NSxxxxK or on NIRD DL /nird/datalake/NSxxxxK based on the project allocation, where NSxxxxK is the ID of the project.

The project area has a quota on disk space and the number of files. You will keep the current quota on the old system until it is end of life. You get the quota allocated by RFK for the 2022.2 allocation period on NIRD. NIRD TS(Resource: projects) and NIRD DL (Resource: datalake) will have separate quota based on the project allocation. You can see the quota and the current usage by running:

$ dusage -p NSxxxxK