NIRD - National Infrastructure for Research Data

NIRD is the new National e-Infrastructure for Research Data. It is owned and operated by UNINETT Sigma2. It offers services and capacities to any scientific disciplines that require access to advanced, large scale or high-end resources for storing, processing, publishing research data or searching digital databases and collections.

NIRD will provide storage resources with yearly capacity upgrades, data security through geo-replication (data stored on two physical locations) and adaptable application services, multiple storage protocol support, migration to third-party cloud providers and much more. Alongside the national high-performance computing resources, NIRD forms the backbone of the national e-infrastructure for research and education in Norway, connecting data and computing resources for efficient provisioning of services.

The NIRD storage system consists of SFA14K controllers, 10 TB NL-SAS drives with a total capacity of 12 PiB in addition to a centralized file system (IBM GridScaler) supporting multiple file, block and object protocols. Sigma2 will provide the storage infrastructure with resources for the next 4 – 5 years through multiple upgrades and is expected to triple in capacity during its life-time.

The NIRD infrastructure offers Storage services, Archiving services and processing capacity for computing on the stored data. See the Research Data page for an overview of the services.

Getting Access

To gain access to the storage services, a formal application is required. The process is explained at the User Access page.

Logging In

Access to the Project data storage area is through front-end (login) node:

Note that this hostname is actually a DNS alias for,, and Those are containers, each one running the image of a login node. A login container offers resources for a maximum of 16 cpus and 128GB of memory.

Users must be registered and authorized by the project responsible before getting access.

To access or transfer data use the following tools: ssh, scp or sftp. Visit the Transferring files page for details.

Home directories

Each user has a home directory /nird/home/<username>, where <username> is the username. The default quota for home directories is 20 GiB and 100,000 files. To check the disk usage and quotas, type


Home directories on NIRD also contain a backup of Fram and Saga home directories (when relevant) in /nird/home/<username>/backup/fram and /nird/home/<username>/backup/saga ( not implemented for Saga yet ). To account for this default quota is doubled when relevant. Note that this is a backup from the HPC cluster; you cannot transfer files to the cluster by putting them here.

Project area

Each project gets a NIRD project area /nird/projects/NSxxxxK, where NSxxxxK is the ID of the project.

The project area has a quota on disk space and the number of files, and you can see the quota and the current usage by running

dusage -p NSxxxxK

The NIRD project area is also mounted on the login nodes (but not the compute nodes) of Fram or Saga, when relevant. For more information, visit the Fram and Saga page. (Note that the mounts on Saga do not exist yet, but will be there shortly.)

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