File transfer to/from Fram

Access to Fram is permitted only trough SSH. One can use scp and sftp to upload or download data from Fram.

To transfer files between Fram and NIRD, regular cp/mv commands can be used, since NIRD file systems are mounted on Fram. For more information, please check out the NIRD documentation.

Basic tools (scp, sftp)

  • scp - secure copy files between hosts on a network
# copy single file to home folder on Fram
# note that folder is ommitted, home folder being default
scp my_file.tar.gz <username>

# copy a directory to work area
scp -r my_dir/ <username><username>/
  • sftp - interactive secure file transfer program (Secure FTP)
# copy all logs named starting with "out" from project1 folder to
# /nird/projects/project1
sftp <username>
sftp> lcd project1
sftp> cd /nird/projects/project1
sftp> put out*.log

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