Using WinSCP to access NIRD

To access data on NIRD using a graphical interface, you will need to install and use specialized software. As an example, we will here present how to use the program WinSCP to access NIRD. The first step will be to download the program and install it. Thereafter we will look at how to connect to NIRD. Finally we will show you how to download and upload files to NIRD.

WinSCP is a Windows program. If you are on Linux or Mac you need to use a different program, like for instance sftp, FileZilla, or Cyberduck.

Installation on Windows

  1. Download the program from
  2. When the installation file is downloaded, double click on it and follow the instructions for installing the program.

Connecting to NIRD with WinSCP

  1. Make sure you have a NIRD user account. If you do not, you can apply for one at Once it has been accepted, might take a day, you can continue along the steps below.
  2. Start WinSCP. You should see something like this:

    WinSCP startup

  3. Fill in these values

    • Host name:
    • User name: Your username
    • Password: Your password
  4. Save the configuration by pressing the Save button.
  5. Log in to NIRD by pressing the Login button
  6. If this is your first login, you should see your home folder at NIRD in the right column of the WinSCP window. Since data at NIRD is located in projects we need to navigate there.
  7. Use the dropdown menu:


    And navigate to the / \ folder.

  8. From the / folder move into the projects folder and select your project.
  9. Navigate to the desired place in the project folder.

Downloading and uploading files and folders

When connected to a server (NIRD in this case), the WinSCP window shows two file areas in the two large panels. The left panel is your local computer, the right panel the server.

To download data, navigate to the folder on the server where the files of interest are located. In the left panel, navigate to the place you want to download the files to. Now you can either right click the file or folder and select Download, or drag and drop the file or folder from the right panel to the left panel. Follow the dialogue boxes and wait for the download to finish. Usually, the standard suggestions should be reasonable.

Uploading works similarly. Just navigate to the right folders on your local computer and on the server and drag and drop a file or folder from your local computer (left) to the server (right). Alternatively, you can, again, right click on the file or folder of interest and choose Upload. Follow the dialogue boxes and wait for the upload to finish. Usually, the standard suggestions should be reasonable.

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