Licence Information

Most applications on the HPC machines have their own license based on the usage and on the user’s affiliation of the user to the university hosting the machines. In general, the application and tool licenses fall under these types:

  1. Academic license - generally available to academic users based in Norway. There are other definitions that are specific to an application, therefore, check with the license agreement.

  2. Open-source license - users are allowed to freely use and distribute the library or tool with some restrictions. Some examples include the GNU Public License and the MIT License.

  3. Commercial license - may be granted to an individual, project, or organization.

It is the user’s responsibility to make sure they adhere to the license agreements.

Please also consult our license policies and list of software licenses we maintain.


Many applications require proper attribution or citation whenever the application is part of published research. The citation format varies and you should check the application’s website for more information.