Getting started Betzy

This page is a quick intro for the projects invited to participate in the pilot phase and relevant information will be eventually merged into main documentation.

Getting access

Access during pilot

To be added.


Please use the regular support channel to submit requests and mark the case with Betzy.

Queue System

Betzy uses the SLURM queuing system. For more information the queue system on Betzy, please check out job types page.

NOTE: During the pilot phase there will be no CPU core limitations imposed.

For generic information about job submission, please check out our documentation here.


Betzy uses a DDN powered 2.5 PB Lustre parallel file system with 51 GB/s bandwidth and 500k+ metadata operations per second. The Lustre file system is mounted under /cluster.


Please note that NO BACKUP is taken during the pilot phase.

The `/cluster` file system might be reformatted at the end of the pilot phase, before machine being placed into production.

For additional information about the file system configuration, follow this link. File system performance tuning and best practices is listed here.

NIRD project file systems - /trd-project[1-4] - will be mounted on the Betzy login nodes, similarly to Fram and Saga HPC clusters.


As on Fram and Saga, scientific software on Betzy will be installed using the EasyBuild system, and the Lmod modules tool will be used for changing environment setup via modulefiles.

The two common toolchains foss and intel will be installed on Betzy.

foss toolchain

  • GCC compilers (gcc, g++, gfortran)
  • Open MPI library
  • OpenBLAS (including LAPACK) + ScaLAPACK
  • FFTW library

intel toolchain

  • Intel compilers (icc, icpc, ifort)
  • Intel MPI library
  • Intel MKL library (including BLAS, LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, FFT)

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