Job Types on Betzy

Betzy is designed to run highly parallelized jobs. If you need to run medium-sized jobs, than Fram is a better choice, while for serial jobs you shall use Saga.

For a preprocessing or postprocessing job which only needs one or max 32 CPU cores, use a preproc job.

For development or testing use the devel queue which is limited to small and short jobs.

Here is a more detailed description of the different job types on Betzy:


  • Allocation units: whole nodes
  • Job Limits:
    • minimum 8 nodes
    • maximum 256 nodes
  • Maximum walltime: 4 days
  • Priority: normal
  • Available resources: 1340 nodes with 128 CPU cores and 256 GiB RAM

This is the default job type. In normal jobs, the queue system hands out complete nodes.


  • Allocation units: shared node between users
  • Job Limits:
    • minimum 1 CPU core per user
    • maximum 32 CPU cores per user
  • Maximum walltime: 1 day
  • Priority: normal
  • Available resources: preproc jobs run on a dedicated node with 32 CPU cores and 256 GiB RAM

preproc jobs are meant for small preprocessing or postprocessing tasks. Typically, such jobs don't use many CPUs, so requiring them to use 8 nodes would be wasting of resources.


  • Allocation units: whole nodes
  • Job Limits:
    • minimum 1 nodes, maximum 4 nodes per job
    • maximum 1 job per user
    • maximum 20 jobs per devel queue
  • Maximum walltime: 20 minutes
  • Priority: high
  • Available resources: 4 nodes with 128 CPU cores and 256 GiB RAM

This is meant for small, short development or test jobs. Devel jobs have access to a set of dedicated nodes.

If you have temporary development needs that cannot be fulfilled by the devel job type, please contact us at

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