User communities

Here you will find a survey of other users operating within domains and/or using software that might be interesting to you.

We provide this in order to make it easier for users, especially new, to get in contact with established communities that can offer collaborations, useful discussions, solutions to specific challenges, joint training and so forth. We strongly advice users to get in contact with others using the same software or within the same field and furthermore utilize that network when you encounter problems you believe others might have encountered before.

All listed users have given consent to be present on this page.

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  • Benjamin Williamson (NTNU) Batteries, transparent conductors, photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, ferroelectrics, electronic band structure, phonons, point defects, ab-initio MD, nudged elastic band.

  • Mehdi Mahmoodinia (NTNU) Transition state and reaction barriers, gibbs free energy, vibrational frequencies, and role of entropy, spectroscopic properties, electronic structure calculation, charge transfer and mapping, AIMD simulations.

  • Sarmad Waheed Saeed (UiO)

  • Rasmus Vester Thøgersen (UiO) Batteries

  • Kristian Berland (NMBU) Exchange-correlation functionals, van der Waals forces in DFT, dielectric functions, ferroelectrics

  • Kristian Berland (NMBU)

  • Espen Flage-Larsen (SINTEF) Semiconductors, density-functional-theory, many-particle perturbation theory, transport of charge and heat, development of k-point interpolation techniques, electron scattering, electron-phonon coupling integration with (AiiDA-VASP)[].