Granular replication for NIRD projects

The solution for granular data replication for project data stored on NIRD Data Storage, is implemented by using a control file.

The control file is named .replication_exclude and must be placed in the root of the project directory. e.g.: /tos-project1/NS1234K/.replication_exclude

To exclude specific files or directories, those shall be listed in the .replication_exclude control file. Each file or directory which is to be excluded from replication, shall be added as a separate line.

Lines in the .replication_exclude control file starting with # or ; are ignored.

Exclude a specific file

To exclude the /tos-project1/NS1234K/datasets/experiment/ file, add /datasets/experiment/ into the .replication_exclude control file as a line on it’s own.

Exclude a directory

To exclude the /tos-project1/NS1234K/datasets/non_important/ directory, add /datasets/non_important into the .replication_exclude control file as a line on it’s own.

Mentions of /datasets on its own, would exclude everything in that directory.


# exclude all files from non_important directory
# exclude a specific file from the experiment_A directory
# exclude all files from tmp subdirectory from the experiment_B directory