Storage areas, quota, and backup

Home directories

Each user has a home directory /nird/home/<username>, where <username> is the username. The default quota for home directories is 20 GiB and 100 000 files. To check the disk usage and quotas, type:

$ dusage

Home directories on NIRD also contain a backup of Betzy, Fram and Saga home directories (when relevant) in /nird/home/<username>/backup/fram and /nird/home/<username>/backup/saga. To account for this default quota is doubled when relevant. Note that this is a backup from the HPC cluster; you cannot transfer files to the cluster by putting them here.

Scratch directories

The total storage space of /scratch is 15 TB. Each user has a scratch directory /scratch/<username>. The area is meant as a temporary scratch area. This area is not backed up. When file system usage reaches 75%, files are subject to automatic deletion. There is no quota in the scratch area.

Project area

Each NIRD Data Storage project gets a project area /nird/projects/NSxxxxK, where NSxxxxK is the ID of the project.

The project area has a quota on disk space and the number of files, and you can see the quota and the current usage by running:

$ dusage -p NSxxxxK


In addition to geo-replication NIRD supports snapshots of project areas and home directories allowing for recovery of deleted data. For more information, visit the page Backup on Betzy, Fram, Saga and NIRD.