Access and login

Getting access

To gain access to the storage services, a formal application is required. The process is explained at the How to apply for a user account page.

Users must be registered and authorised by the project responsible before getting access.

To access or transfer data, you may use the following tools: ssh, scp or sftp. Visit the File transfer page for details.

Logging in

Access to your $HOME on NIRD and the project data storage area is through the login containers. Login containers are running on servers directly connected to the storage on both sites -that is Tromsø and Trondheim- to facilitate data handling right where the primary data resides. Each login container offers a maximum of 16 CPU cores and 128GiB of memory.

Login containers can be accessed via following addresses:


We run four login containers per site.

If you plan to start a screen session on one of the login containers or you wish to copy data with the help of scp or WinSCP, you should log in to a specific container.

Addresses are:



  • X - can have values between 0 and 3.