NIRD - National Infrastructure for Research Data

NIRD is the National e-Infrastructure for Research Data. It is owned and operated by Sigma2.


The NIRD infrastructure offers storage services, archiving services, and processing capacity for computing on the stored data. It offers services and capacities to any scientific discipline that requires access to advanced, large scale, or high-end resources for storing, processing, publishing research data or searching digital databases and collections.

NIRD will provide storage resources with yearly capacity upgrades, data security through geo-replication (data stored on two physical locations) and adaptable application services, multiple storage protocol support, migration to third-party cloud providers and much more. Alongside the national high-performance computing resources, NIRD forms the backbone of the national e-infrastructure for research and education in Norway, connecting data and computing resources for efficient provisioning of services.

The NIRD storage system consists of DDN SFA14K controllers, 3400 x 10TB NL-SAS drives with a total capacity of 2 x 11 PiB. The solution is based on DDN GridScaler® parallel file system, supporting multiple file, block and object protocols.


The next generation NIRD is installed at Lefdal Mine Datacenter and under pilot phase where pilot users are testing the new infrastructure. Data migration from the old NIRD to the new NIRD is on-going. The new nird is expected to be in production from December 2022. Please see the pilot user guide for more details.

The NIRD toolkit allows pre/post processing analysis, data intensive processing, visualization, artificial intelligence and machine learning platform. The NIRD toolkit services have access to your NIRD Project area. The available services can be found at the documentation of NIRD Toolkit .